About Us

A little about us...

'MIDAS' is
a family

Calling York our home is a relatively recent thing. We moved here in 2016 to live closer to family. We have been involved with the cleaning industry since 1996.

Having been trained in both Window & Carpet Cleaning since leaving school, Dan soon realised that the work was only part of the job!

Being trustworthy, professional and friendly also gets you a long way with your customers!



There is always “the best” way to do things. With regular training, we keep up with the most efficient and thorough ways to clean your windows & especially your carpets!



With all the training and best intention, sometimes accidents happen! We have comprehensive insurance that covers both your home, business & belongings!



We love to meet our customers, provide them with excellent services, and see how happy they are when we leave their homes clean and fresh. It’s job satisfaction at its best!

"The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment."

– Marie Kondo

professional, Friendly & Personal service

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Professionally trained and highly qualified with over two decades of experience, we provide a thorough cleaning service using hot water spray extraction. We use one of the most advanced machines available to give you the best results & fastest drying times.

Professional Window Cleaning

With 25 years of experience using all forms of cleaning tools, from Chamois leather, squeegee and the excellent reach and wash cleaning system, that provides excellent results while keeping everyone safe!

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

We can clean for any customer, with experience in domestic homes, office blocks & factory floors. From standard and regular cleans to emergency flood work, we can help!

Building Close Ties with our Community.

We believe that as a community, it is everyone’s job to be kind, helpful, and honest. We are helping create a happier community!

*Strange for a cleaning company to say? 

“Happiness is a Clean Home”

Helping create happiness is incredibly rewarding!

what do you need?

We can help with
many aspects of cleaning

While as a family business we may not be able to offer certain services directly, we also work closely with other businesses with a similar ethos. Helping you find a trustworthy and reliable business to do most cleaning tasks around your home.

Windows, Soffits & Fascia Boards

We can clean these for you using the safest and most efficient ways of cleaning.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Including mattresses, curtains, rugs, dining chairs, caravans & even cars.

Other Services

Ranging from full Facilities Management, Bookkeeping, Plumbing, Building Services, and even Website Design, Marketing and App Development. If you have a need, we may know the right trusted and talented person/business to fill that need!

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

26 Years’ Experience. Comprehensive insurance, including the item we are working on—most work from referrals.

We can clean any premises with carpets, including Offices! Our comprehensive insurance allows us to take any job within the cleaning industry!

We have a multi-stage process which adjusts to the exact needs of each job but generally includes:

  1. Assessment (with a written report and signed agreement of cleaning expectations).
  2. Clearing area (we ask you to remove valuable items yourself, but we will do the heavy work!
  3. Thorough Vacuum
  4. Pre-spray with citrus activator.
  5. Agitate the pre-spray.
  6. Rinse using hot water spray extraction.
  7. Use rotation (turbo dryers) to improve drying times. 
  8. Re-Assemble the room(s), leaving blocks or pads to place a barrier between the damp carpet and the furniture.

You are very welcome to fill out our contact form, day or night! We are open for telephone enquiries throughout most of the day, but if we miss your call please leave a message and will get back to you very soon.

Many people are unaware that all carpet manufacturers suggest professional cleaning every 18 months; this keeps your carpets clean & hygienic.

Clean carpets help the look, feel, small and even the aeration of your property, making it much nicer to spend time in!

We understand that different styles of cleaning have unique benefits.

Some fabrics require a dry foam shampoo to clean delicately; others, including some Indian rugs, need Solvent cleaning. Other rugs need machine cleaning after being soaked in the solution for a few hours.

Outside of the fabric specific requirements, there is no such thing as a ‘best’ way to clean. We prefer hot water spray extraction as we have seen excellent results with it; it is what we are trained the most to use.

But if you or your fabric requires another type of cleaning, that’s ok; we may be able to help with solvent cleaning and dry foam shampoo cleaning for small areas, curtains, suites etc. But for Carpets, you would be better searching for a specialist who has the machinery needed to cover larger areas.

We proudly provide Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to customers across York & the surrounding areas as seen on the map below!